Tsunami: Moped tows kid on toy 4-wheeler (quirky)

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Tsunami: Moped tows kid on toy 4-wheeler (quirky)

Postby Micronaut » Tue Feb 08, 2005 9:20 pm

http://www.timesofoman.com/newsdetails. ... 5&pn=local

Two young kids come by — one on a moped and the other being towed rapidly and erratically on a toy quad-bike.

Tsunami campaigner defies gust and dust
By A Staff Reporter

MUSCAT — Christine Terres continues at a fast pace on her solo charity walk from Sohar to Shati Al Qurum. Yesterday, she completed her third day covering an impressive 38km.

‘Sohar to Shati for Sumatra’ is Christine’s attempt to raise contributions for Unicef who will help children affected by the tsunami in Sumatra, Indonesia.

The walk, which began last Thursday, will end with a final leg on the beach from the Grand Hyatt to the Jawharat A’Shati Complex at 10am on February 10.

‘Sohar to Shati for Sumatra’ is sponsored by Al Sawadi Beach Resort, Tanuf and Pocari Sweat.

Here is Christine’s account of day 3:

Saturday, February 5 / Day 3 – 38km
MY alarm rings at 5:20am but the bed is slow to release me. I start walking at 6:45am from where I left off yesterday. I’m a little concerned though. Already the temperature is 17 degrees — three degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. The road is also much busier and cars whiz by fairly continuously.

By 8am, the temperature has climbed to 20 degrees and I’ve covered about 7km. The wind has started to pick up and at first it’s quite refreshing. However, it continues to gust and the air has turned noticeably dusty. Pretty soon the dust makes it more difficult to breathe and see. I duck into a tailor’s shop and he generously selects a blue remnant for me to use as a headscarf.

Despite the wind, the sights this morning are a photographer’s dream with groves of backlit banana trees and verdant grass fields being watered by tall sprinklers.

The wind continues to be troublesome, but at least it is keeping the temperature down. I have covered 23km by 12:30pm and break for lunch with my husband in a wadi. Although the howling of the wind is waning, it is briefly replaced by the thunderous snores of my husband napping. After lunch, the wind has faded and is now blowing from off the sea and is much more pleasant.

I set off again at 2pm and the road is tree-lined and scenic. At 2:45pm, I cross the 100km milestone and stop briefly to celebrate. The road soon turns to gravel and the going is a little tougher. Two young kids come by — one on a moped and the other being towed rapidly and erratically on a toy quad-bike. I approach the Wudum Roundabout about 4:45pm and the evening colours are superb for the array of brightly clad kids and young football players. I have a particularly nice encounter with a young family that enjoy their photos being taken and ask us in for tea. Again we must regret as the open road calls.

I end the day at 5:30pm having covered 38km — with the last 200m seeming more like 5km. I’ve now come just over half way from Sohar to Shati as my total distance for the three days is now at 110km.

(For more information on ‘Sohar to Shati for Sumatra’, contact Rick Terres on 99459181.)



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