offspring of a dirt bike, skateboard and skooter (pic)

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offspring of a dirt bike, skateboard and skooter (pic)

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offspring of a dirt bike, skateboard and skooter

February 03, 2005
Wheelman extreme vehicle: more fun than you can stand!

The bastard offspring of a dirt bike, skateboard and skooter, the Wheelman (£695) is the world's first hubless off-road vehicle. Slot your feet into this two-stroke powered skateboard, close your eyes and then take to the road at up to 20mph. Bandages not included!

The Wheelman really is like nothing I've ever seen before. It combines all the best elements of motorcross, skateboarding, scooter riding and even surfing into an innovative off-road vehicle. You ride it by standing with your feet on platforms set into the middle of the tyres, aka skateboard-style. Its wheels have no axles, so you to ride it with your feet inside the wheels, almost as if you have wheels instead of feet.

The Wheelman boasts the power of a 41.5cc two-stroke engine and heavy-duty, strong grip 10-inch tyres for maximum all-terrain performance. It works over a 30 mile range, and one tank of fuel (a mix of oil and gas) gives you a riding time of up to 90 minutes.

Although it's a unique piece of equipment, the Wheelman shares some design and movement principles with skateboards, snowboards and even surfboards. So if you've used any of those kinds of boards, you should get the hang of riding the Wheelman pretty quickly. Steer using your body movement, or angle using your feet at low speed. The speed is controlled using a cable-style brake/accelerator.

Presenting from our imagination a stylish two-wheeler for your pleasure and convenience.
WHEELMAN: A motor and frame supported at each end by a spokeless wheel into which feet can be inserted whilst standing upright.
Currently we hand make the model as seen in Time Magazine, November 18, "Best Inventions of the Past Year" feature from Queensland, Australia.
It has a 43cc 2 stroke engine which takes a mix of oil and gas just like a lawnmower. It holds around one litre and will give you ride time of an hour and a half.
The average weight rider of 80-90kg will get a top speed of between 16-19mph out of it and of course the better you get at it, the better performance you get from it.

If man could have been made in more than one piece, he would have definitely had wheels rather than feet.

It is certain however, that nothing that works like a wheel has been discovered in nature. Man made it up entirely.

Fire is his greatest discovery; The wheel his greatest invention.

The benefits of the wheel without axles have intrigued engineers for 100 years.
Successful vehicle manufacturers have explored various design configurations and arrangements.

Now in commercial production the wheel without an axle has a place in this fun new machine. It provides a low centre of gravity, efficient space management, strength and a distinct weight saving that has never been seen before.

Although the wheel is one of the fundamentals of this vehicle it is manouvered similar to a surf, snow or skate board. As such it is a great cross training tool for all your Extreme sports that can be utilised all year round in all types of weather.

The research and development of the Wheelman has taken place over the past 20 years from the principal concept by Grant Taylor to the refinement by production design engineer Muzza Grant. This ensured that man's greatest invention has been re-invented to what we see today with the Wheelman.

The current model has a 43cc 2 stroke engine which takes a mix of oil and gas just like a lawnmower.
It holds around one litre and will give you ride time of an hour and a half.
The average weight rider of 80-90kg will get a top speed of between 16-19mph.

The learning curve of a Wheelman is very similar to skate/snow/surf board riding. And if you have any experience in these you will be surprised on how fast you pick it up.
At speed you use body movement to steer and at low speed (and you can ride a Wheelman at an extremely slow pace) you can angle the front wheel from side to side with your foot.
The speed is controlled by a pneumatic ball held in your hand, the more you squeeze, the more fun you have! To stop, all you need to do is stop squeezing the ball. The vehicle will slow quickly but smoothly, then you angle the toes of your rear foot toward the ground until the pads come into contact, the harder you push the faster you stop. The vehicle remains quite stable and minimises the risk of being thrown over the front.
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