City drives mopeds off roads!! USA

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City drives mopeds off roads!! USA

Postby Micronaut » Wed May 04, 2005 11:01 pm ... 00&ntpid=0

City drives mopeds off road

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Ok, why are they messing with mopeds and what's with the atomic bomb for the logo? are they willing to nuke mopeds?-Wayne

Kay Lapp James - Wisconsin Dells - The Wisconsin Dells Plan Commission decided Monday night that the city needs no more mopeds on its streets.

The commission, on a motion by Dan Gavinski, voted 5-1 to deny a conditional use permit to Lynn Johnson to operate a moped-scooter rental business behind the Polynesian on County Highway H.

Gavinski, general manager of the Dells Boats and Original Wisconsin Ducks, said he has had to chase drivers of mopeds from the Duck Trails, some of whom are even going the wrong way on the dirt trails that snake through the woods along the Wisconsin River.

He also pointed out that the village of Lake Delton has refused to allow the rental of the machines there, and the routes Johnson suggested would take the moped riders into areas outside the city limits in Lyndon and Delton townships. "We're sending the problem to the village and townships," he said.

Mayor Craig Casey, the chairman of the committee, said he had to agree with Gavinski. "The Duck property is not in the city."

Gavinski also said the city should not license more rental places because the riders also pose problems going in and out of driveways and businesses.

Commission member Perry Mayer, who is Kilbourn Fire Chief and a Dells police officer, said, "There have been occasions when they have been somewhat of a nuisance." Some of the riders, he said, are not sightseers, but youths and young adults who want to "wreak a little havoc."

Commission Member Bill Brown raised concerns about the vehicles operating in traffic congestion. He said that while he respected Johnson for starting a business, the city had "no real way" to restrict the mopeds from being on any roads within the city.

Mopeds are licensed and can be rode on streets just as a motorcycle.

"How can we accept one and not the other?" asked commission member John Van Wie. Larry Volkey Jr., operates Uncle Gene's World of Wheels, on Stand Rock Road.

City Attorney Joe Hasler said the city did not necessarily have to treat a new operator the same as the current one. He said Volkey has had the license for several years and has invested money in his fleet. The city can't terminate the current license. The city could also place restrictions on a license based on previous experiences, Hasler.

Volkey has worked out arrangements with police, Police Chief Bret Anderson told the commission. Volkey will come and pick up mopeds if the police see riders causing problems. The riders then lose their deposit and payments for use of the mopeds, he said.

Anderson said only two accidents had occurred, both the fault of the scooter drivers.

After the commission voted to deny the permit, Casey refer the ordinance on permits for moped rentals to the city council's legislative committee. The committee is to consider whether restrictions can be placed on permits based on previous experience.

The commission also approved the following:

A certified survey map for Charles Schroeder in the town of Dell Prairie, which had been approved by the ETZ committee.

A conditional use permit for Lisa Romanova for a conditional use permit to draw caricatures from an artist stand by Dairy Queen on Broadway.
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re: City drives mopeds off roads!! USA

Postby steamboat » Fri May 06, 2005 11:21 am

Anderson said only two accidents had occurred, both the fault of the scooter drivers------------------------ This is a quote from the article. Many people use the words moped and scooter as meaning one and the same. Jim.

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