Wisconsin: More mopeds Equal MORE LAWS

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Wisconsin: More mopeds Equal MORE LAWS

Postby Micronaut » Sun Sep 18, 2005 4:27 pm

Rise in moped ownership spurs new laws

http://www.dailycardinal.com/media/pape ... 8772.shtml

By Jackie Luskey/The Daily Cardinal
Published: Thursday, September 8, 2005
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Media Credit: Nathaniel Greenbaum/The Daily Cardinal
A man cruises down University Ave on his moped Tuesday afternoon. UW-Madison police will be strictly enforcing new moped regulations.

Moped owners will have to start following the rules of the road this week as the UW-Madison Police Department began the process of educating moped owners about new moped regulations Sept. 6.

The new parking and driving enforcements are in response to the growing number of mopeds on campus and corresponding complaints to the UW-Madison Police Department.

"We have the highest concentration of mopeds in the entire country," said Senior Transportation Planner Rob Kennedy, who attributed the moped popularity to the sprawling urban setting of the UW-Madison campus.

"There were 37 moped accidents between 2003 and 2004 where it was serious enough to claim a police report, which is far more than any other motor vehicle on campus. So, it's a serious problem."

The ten-day period of Sept. 6 to 16 is designated "Education Week" during which the new moped regulations will be publicized but not enforced.

Pamphlets outlining designated parking areas and new rules-such as no driving on the sidewalk-are being handed out along with verbal communication from the UW-Madison Police Department to moped owners.

"It's helpful to have the pamphlets because it has a map. So, if I'm going to a class and I don't know where to park, it's really easy now," said UW-Madison junior and moped owner Norah Lewin.

"We are doing education for a week-and-a-half because we are part of an educational institute," said UW-Madison police officer Kristin Radtke.

She stressed there will be a heavy concentration of enforcement for moped violators beginning Sept. 19 to Sept. 30. Violators will be given the choice of going to court or paying a $40 citation.

Some student moped owners are in support of the new regulations. "I think it's stupid that moped drivers don't have to go through any training," said sophomore moped owner Julia Briggs. "People are getting on these machines that can seriously hurt people."

Radtke said the heavy control was necessary to make students recognize the campus' commitment to carrying out the new moped rules.

"Every year students continuously violate the parking and driving rules. We're slowly starting to get more strict because students don't seem to learn that it's a permanent enforcement," Radtke said.

Senior moped owner Ryan Bradley said, "I think the rules will influence me, but I don't know about everybody else."
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