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More on New Canadian moped laws

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New moped, scooter licences
Wed, December 21, 2005

TORONTO -- The Ontario government is bringing in new road testing and licensing for operators of mopeds and motor scooters.

Transportation Minister Harinder Takhar said he wants to ensure drivers are tested for the type of vehicle they will be driving.

Moped and motor scooter drivers will need only a "Class M licence with L condition," obtained through new written and road tests. The fee is $75 for five years.

They also can drive with a motorcycle licence, but it's not required.

Current moped operators who have a G licence will not need to go through the new licensing regime.

Motor scooter operators will no longer have to get a regular motorcycle licence, which required them to do their road test on a full motorcycle and go out on a highway.

Takhar said the motorcycle road test appeared to be a roadblock for many people interested in operating a motor scooter.

"They are very efficient on gas . . . so we want to encourage the use of those," Takhar said.

The minister said he also wants to make sure that moped operators are tested on the right vehicles.

The number of moped accidents in Ontario doubled between 1999 and 2003, even though the number of mopeds on the road dropped by a third over the same period.

"We want to make sure that they are properly trained," Takhar said.

A "limited-speed motorcycle" (LSM) or "motor scooter" is a type of motorcycle that has a maximum attainable speed of 70 km/h.

Moped also are known as motor-assisted bicycles and are fitted with pedals that can operate at all times to propel the bicycle.

Operators who obtain Class M with L condition licence can drive either a moped or motor scooter.

Neither vehicle is allowed on controlled-access highways, including 400 series roads.

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