Shanghi bans gas powered mopeds

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Shanghi bans gas powered mopeds

Postby steamboat » Tue Jan 10, 2006 12:09 pm

FYI Jim. ... ow_ban.htm
WITH gasoline-powered mopeds banned from driving on local roads since January.

re: Shanghi bans gas powered mopeds

Postby Micronaut » Tue Jan 10, 2006 5:49 pm

Police push as moped owners to follow ban
Dong Zhen
2006-01-07 Beijing Time
WITH gasoline-powered mopeds banned from driving on local roads since January 1, traffic police are urging the owners of about 20,000 of the vehicles in the city to discard them and swap their license plate for one they can use on an LPG-powered moped.

Gasoline-powered mopeds were banned because they produce a large amount of pollution and there are environmentally friendly alternatives on the market.

Police said the last batch of licensed gas mopeds in the city are due to be discarded as their eight-year service period has officially ended. Discarding the vehicles is mandatory.

Owners can go the police station to exchange their license plate for an LPG license or choose to stop riding the fuel-power two-wheelers, police said.

The deadline for swapping the licenses is February 10.

Police are also giving up all of the gasoline-powered mopeds in their fleet, which have been in use for many years and are not in great shape.

Those caught riding the vehicles face a fine of up to 50 yuan, and those that can not provide proof they own the vehicles will be detained by police, as many mopeds on the street are stolen, police said.
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