Valentines Day Bride in gown on moped!

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Valentines Day Bride in gown on moped!

Postby Micronaut » Wed Feb 15, 2006 9:59 pm

Emmerdale Valentine's Day spectacular leaves the fans guessing ... ID=1350681

By Jo Rostron
LOVE is in the air in Emmerdale this week with plans for a sensational double wedding.
Mum and daughter Viv and Donna Windsor are both set to tie the knot – Viv with Bob Hope and Donna with Marlon Dingle in a one-hour special on Thursday.
But all is not what it seems.
Fraught with tension, emotions hit fever pitch as the past begins to catch up with the four, leaving viewers guessing whether anyone actually makes it up the aisle at all.
Speaking exclusively to the YEP, Verity Rushworth (Donna Windsor) and Tony Audenshaw (Bob Hope) agreed they would love to see the weddings go-ahead but remained tight-lipped over what happens.
Verity, aged 20, from Leeds, said: "They (Viv and Bob) are such a cute couple. I think they are perfect for each other. But they are under a lot of pressure. "
A revelation by Donna then sees her in bridal gown, on a moped, wearing a bomber jacket, whizz round to Marlon's to confess all.
Veity added: "I have loved doing this. Donna gets ready for the wedding in the episode and gets all this nice make up on. I loved getting all dressed up."
Although Verity loved getting dolled up for the storyline, she has no plans to get hitched in real life.
"I think my boyfriend would run a mile! I'm too young," laughs Verity. "It's Emmerdale's first double wedding and I've loved being part of it. It's a real will they won't they."
The heat is on for Viv and Bob after the groom-to-be disappears on his stag do.
Tony, 41, who plays Bob, said: "Bob has been married so many times, I would not do it if it was down to me! I came into it six years ago and right from the start it was Bob and Viv. They should keep them together.
"Bob and Donna also have quite a special relationship. Although he hasn't been there for his real children, Bob is probably closest to Donna. The four characters work really well."
The conniving ex tells Bob she's taking him to the wedding, misses the turning and begs him to give them another chance.
Tony says: "He sees her as interfering. He's got no feelings for her. Viv is the one. The last thing any man wants is a desperate woman – it's frightening. It's also high maintenance and I think Bob's got enough of that with Viv!"
And Viv doesn't let the side down on the day.
Accepting that Bob isn't coming back, she calls off the wedding.
Minutes later he turns up and reveals the truth.
The episode will be screened at 7pm on Thursday in an hour-long special
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