Canada fears Brazen Scooter gangs

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Canada fears Brazen Scooter gangs

Postby Micronaut » Tue May 09, 2006 8:50 pm

Some cities worry about motorcycle gangs wearing club leathers and riding choppers, but in Gatineau, people are complaining about a different kind of hell on wheels -- a group of teenage scooter owners who call themselves "Hell'z Moppet." ... cc91da25f8

But don't let the group's cute name -- a play on words likely combining Hells Angels, moped and Muppets -- fool you.
The antics of the 30 to 40 riders, who buzz around on small scooters powered by 49-cubic-centimetre engines, have prompted the Gatineau police to step in to help students the city hires from the police college to patrol parks.
The riders often travel in packs and the racket they make disturbs people who live near Marcel Gladu Park on Du Barry Street south of La Verendrye Boulevard, said Lieut. Jean-Paul Le May of the Gatineau police yesterday.
"When there are 20 or 30 getting gas at the same service station, it can cause problems," Lieut. Le May said.
The problems aren't always as innocent as noise, though.
In Cantley, four male youths on scooters were charged with break and enter in September. At least one was a member of the group, said Const. Martin Fournel of MRC des Collines police.
"They were doing break-ins with scooters and hiding the stuff they stole in the bush," Const. Fournel said. "Somebody with a car ... would return later to pick up the stereos and DVD players."
An officer living near a house where a break-in occurred started watching the neighbourhood and made the arrests when he saw the youths loading the stolen goods into a car.
Const. Fournel said the gang has not been involved in any break-ins in the area since the arrests and noise isn't a problem there because they have no place to hang out.
Most members are not criminals and are "just making a fashion statement" by wearing T-shirts printed with the club name and logo, he said.
Lieut. Le May was also quick to say most of the riders were just behaving like teenagers.
"Sometimes there can be noise and consumption of alcohol and drugs in the parks, but we can't label every kid on a scooter as a gang member," he said. "It is normal for teenagers to want to be part of a group. Some kids have been arrested, but others are honest and don't do anything bad."
An employee of Radikal Motorsport in Gatineau said the Hell'z Moppet earned a reputation because two or three members behaved badly.
The man, who calls himself Eric "Tc", said group members are "only kids with mopeds," but police are strict with them because of complaints.
"The police even go to the school parking lots and wait for the kids at the end of the day," he said. "They make sure they have all original equipment and if they don't have two mirrors they get tickets.
"They are 14- and 15-year-old kids who go around on scooters trying to do wheelies and BMX tricks like you see on TV. After they get their licence a new gang comes in. A couple of years ago it was the Scooter Racing Team -- so this could be a passing phase."
The scooters the youths ride cost $2,300 to $2,800.
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re: Canada fears Brazen Scooter gangs

Postby steamboat » Wed May 10, 2006 7:06 am

One bad apple can spoil the barrel.We do not need these happenings. IMO Jim.

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