Man on Mini-Motorcycle Leads Cops on Chase (Funny!)

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Man on Mini-Motorcycle Leads Cops on Chase (Funny!)

Postby Kevin Harrell » Sat Jun 24, 2006 3:12 pm

Man on Mini-Motorcycle Leads Cops on Chase

LAKE CRYSTAL, Minn. (AP) -- A 42-year-old Lake Crystal man led sheriff's deputies on a goose chase. His getaway vehicle: a 5-horsepower mini-motorcycle.

A call came in reporting that Douglas Lee Menne had wiped out at a downtown intersection. Sheriff's Deputy Jeff Wersal responded, suspecting it was a case of drunk driving.

By the time the deputy arrived at the intersection, Menne had recovered and driven off. After locating him, Wersal tried to get Menne to pull over. The bike had no tail light or license plate.

Wersal pursued Menne to a parking lot where he paused briefly, re-started the bike and zipped out the other side of the lot. The chase continued as Menne put-putted down a nearby street at about 25 mph.

Wersal pulled alongside Menne and yelled at him to stop. The chase slowed to about 10 mph when Wersal pulled in front of the bike.

Wersal then fired his Taser out his squad car window. One dart hit Menne, but fell out. The effort hindered Menne enough for Wersal to get out of his car and push Menne off the bike. It took the help of another deputy to make the arrest, according to the report.

Menne was jailed and released later after posting $12,000 bail. Charges are pending.

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