Park the SUV, pick up a scooter, save gas

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Park the SUV, pick up a scooter, save gas

Postby Micronaut » Thu Jul 20, 2006 8:04 pm

Editorial: Park the SUV, pick up a scooter, save gas
While it never was and probably never will be the two-wheeled capital of the nation, North Kingstown has seen its fair share of moped and scooter riders lately. ... =461&rfi=9

Here on West Main Street, we've seen plenty of these efficient two-wheeled machines cruise by our window.

But upon closer inspection, we've noticed that the pilots of these mini get-abouts are not of the Block Island rent-a-moped-for-the-day set. No, these cats look like locals.

And we'd like to congratulate them.

While a pedal-powered bicycle would be even better, the scooter drivers have the right idea, for they are the first ones to throw both caution to the wind and a thumb to their nose at the oil giants that are full-on gouging what they can out of the average consumer's wallet.

It's really about time someone set an example that yes, you can get around North Kingstown (even Exeter) in something other than a 27-foot long SUV that requires a scooter tank's worth of gas just getting the thing started.
Think about this, the rest of you locals, the average scooter can get you about 100 miles on one tank of gas. Status symbols aside, you don't need a Cadillac Escalade to pick up a loaf of bread at the grocery store.

North Kingstown, Wickford in particular, could use a little less auto traffic and a little more scooter and moped traffic. We don't think that Wickford would ever become infested with mopeds, like say, Oak Bluffs, so no worries there and no need for those "Mopeds are Dangerous" bumper stickers.

That said, park the Explorer and pick up a good scooter, moped, or bicycle and get rolling. If nothing else, you will save at least $40 to $50 a week in gas money, or $600 over the course of the summer.
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