NC: Quicker, cheaper, More people should use mopeds

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NC: Quicker, cheaper, More people should use mopeds

Postby Micronaut » Fri Jul 28, 2006 4:10 pm

Prices go up, residents must cope ... tion=Local

July 28,2006
Payne Dale Jr. doesn’t let high gas prices dictate his everyday plans. He just alters his plans a bit, by way of a canary yellow Moped.

“More people should utilize these things,” Dale said on Thursday as he filled up his gray pickup at Spinx on Queen Street. His Moped was in a trailer hitched to the truck.

Dale said that if gas prices continue to rise, he feels that more people will turn to alternate forms of transportation.

“It’s quicker to get around town on a Moped,” said Dale. “Plus, it’s cheaper.”

The average price nationwide for a gallon of regular self-serve gasoline is $3, a price the nation hasn’t seen since shortly after hurricanes ravaged the Gulf Coast last fall. With uproar continuing in the Middle East, most Kinston residents think they will have to get used to spending more at the pump.

As of Wednesday, the average gas price in Kinston was $2.95, but Charles Koonce said he’s expecting to see that figure rise in a matter of days.

“I see it happening in the very soon future,” Koonce said as he pumped $20 worth of gas into his van at the Hess station at Vernon Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Koonce said to fill up his van would cost about $70. “I don’t have $70 right now.”

According to Sarah Davis, public relations manager for AAA Carolinas, customers will probably continue to see gas prices rise and fall slightly.

“There have been very incremental fluctuations this week,” said Davis. “The cheapest gas is in Fayetteville with an average of $2.94. But yesterday their average was $2.95.”

Davis said the state’s most expensive gas is in mountains, where the average is just barely under $3 at $2.99 a gallon.

Robin Clayton can be reached at (252) 527-3191 ext. 273 or

Tips for getting better gas mileage from Sarah Davis at AAA Carolinas

n Make sure your car is in good shape. Keep the oil changed and that the tires properly inflated. “Make sure the air filter is clean; that’s one thing that a lot of people don’t think about.”

n Change the way you drive. “Accelerate gradually, almost as if you have an egg under your foot.”

n Don’t bother with premium gas, unless your car specially calls for it.

n Get rid of the junk in your trunk. “Every additional 100 pounds of weight will decrease efficiency by 1 percent.”

Man on the Street.

When do you think gas prices will hit $3? Are the high prices making you change your driving habits?

“I think it will hit $3 in the next couple of weeks. I don’t go anywhere I don’t have to go, but I had to borrow a few dollars from my son this morning so I could get to work.”

- Linda Altman

“It will hit $3 soon. I’d say before September. I don’t go places I don’t need to — I try to stretch it.”

- Dion Turnage

“People come in here asking, ‘Why is your gas so high?’ I tell them, I run the store, but I don’t make the prices.”

- Jimmy Alhuas, owner of Tony’s Friendly Mart on Queen Street.

“I see it happening in the very soon future. I don’t go anywhere that I don’t absolutely have to go.”

- Charles Koonce

“I think it will happen the first week of next month or before. I do what I have to do, go where I need to go. I’ve got no choice.”

- Hyman Ruffin
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re: NC: Quicker, cheaper, More people should use mopeds

Postby buyscooters » Tue Aug 01, 2006 6:14 pm

Hello i agree about mopeds being used more;Although the prices have really gon sky high. as recent as yesterday i attempted to purchase a 1978 Puch Mk11 sport,excellent condition ; it was in MO. on ebay sold for $810.00 and shipping to me in Richlands would have been 647.00 that included 100.00 for packing,50.00 crating,44.00 insurance.( so i opted to Purchase another instead a Nice 50cc 1986 Susuki.) and a 1980 Puch MK 11 LX red with 723 miles on it(1 owner) there are some nice Peds out there but please if you dont know Older Mopeds dont Purchase. I sell new ones too Kinetics, and Sundrios 150-160 mpg. ps my Puch 1980 gets 100 Mpg. i hope i have helped some with the moped thing. i can be reached at 859 kinston hwy Richlands i am Jimmie carter 910-389-5719 I am partially Dissabled.
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