Pennsylvania man has really cool collection!

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Pennsylvania man has really cool collection!

Postby Micronaut » Thu Sep 14, 2006 8:29 pm

Union man has his own way of getting around
By:Andrew McCue
09/14/2006 ... 2990&rfi=6

News Staff


Although Donald Robinson lives on the wrong side of the two-mile stretch of Route 82 that was closed in 1987, he has his own way of getting around.
The Union Township resident owns a collection of nine Cushman motor scooters.
If that's not enough, he has two Model T Fords, two 9N Ford tractors, a few other vehicles in various stages of restoration and the obligatory 21st century pickup truck.
A member of the Hay Creek Historical Society's Over-The-Hill Gang, Robinson was in his front yard washing a few of his scooters last week, preparing for the weekend's Hay Creek Festival at Historic Joanna Furnace.
He fixed up his 1949 scooter to look like a 1949 hot rod, complete with gloss black paint and flames.
A retired steamfitter from Local 420 in Philadelphia, Robinson moved to Union Township in 1992. He said he's been collecting and restoring the scooters only since his wife passed away in 1999.
A bright yellow 1957 Highlander Deluxe Cushman-a gift from fellow Over-The-Hill Gang member Dave "Planky" Plank-was Robinson's first project. Plank's Uncle Benny had driven it to work at the quarry everyday before it went into storage for 30 years.
Along with the assorted two- and four-wheel vehicles is a 1945 Wizzer, a sort of do-it-yourself moped. The Wizzer is a Schwinn bicycle with a small motor that was available in kit form.
Robinson planned to take the Wizzer, his 1926 Model T Ford, Uncle Benny's yellow Cushman, the '49 hotrod Cushman and his 1940 9N Ford tractor to the Hay Creek Festival.
On the back of the tractor, Robinson runs a large circular saw to cut wood for winter heating.
Robinson explained that Cushman made scooters from 1933 until 1965, "but then Vespa came in and ran them out of business," he said.
He said Cushman scooters are not hard to find, but their owners may not want to part with them. "People think they want to restore them," he said, "but don't know where to get the parts."
Robinson said restoring the yellow Cushman cost him just over $2,600.
It didn't need any engine work, he said.
"They had it serviced before they put it away 30 years ago," he said, adding that the scooter is now worth about $4,500 today.
Opening a shed where he keeps some of his scooters, Robinson said, "I collect too much."
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