Im back. Need help finding Geely parts

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Im back. Need help finding Geely parts

Postby mopedridernc » Thu Oct 09, 2008 5:55 pm

Im gonna ramble a bit so if you dont wanna read all the BS continue to the next paragraph. I have had this geely model 16 for about 5 years. I rode it for about a year till it quit running then i parked it behind the building. All it needed was a coil. I went to turn it over to check compression and it wouldnt budge. Well last week i started to slowly pull it apart. Pulled the head off which was a pain because water got in the motor and the piston was rusted to the cyl. walls. Got the head of and tried to turn the crank. Nope it was locked so i poured some oil in it and let it sit for a week. Well tonight i went out and got the bottom end loose and put a drill on the crank and turned it over a little the poured the oil out refilled and did it again till the oil came out mostly clean. I am going to fill it with kerosene and rinse it out a few times then let it dry out and blow air into it then re oil.

Now the question is where can i buy parts for this thing? I need a Cyl head, piston,rings, coil, tail light and body parts.
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