Honda Metropolitan vs. Yamaha Vino Classic

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Honda Metropolitan vs. Yamaha Vino Classic

Postby scogc66 » Sat Mar 05, 2011 4:59 am


This review is for machines that are 2006 and above many machines prior to this year were 2 stroke and different animals altogether. Also, I would stay away from the Metropolitan II as it was a SEVERELY restricted machine that ran about 25 mph and can be costly to derestrict.

I have both the Honda Metropolitan and the Yamaha Vino Classic and get asked a lot of questions on which is better. Both are 2006 models that have low mileage and been put through multiple tests.


Both run about 42-43 mph on flat ground.
4 stroke
Hate ethanol
Both are "retro" styled and turn heads when ridden
Weight is just about identical


The Honda is VERY fuel sensitive and will usually require some sort of fuel additive like "Seafoam" about every 3rd fill up.
The Yamaha runs on just about anything you put in the tank

The Honda takes a while, ok a LONG while to warm up compared to the Yamaha. For instance, if I run the Yamaha the day before, the next morning is just start and go. there is NO WAY the Honda will do that.

The Honda is a little quieter and a little bit smoother ride.

The Honda is a little longer than the Yamaha.

The Yamaha seems to have more "punch" to it and accelerates much better on STEEP inclines.

The Honda gets better gas milebout by about 20-30 mpg.

The Yamaha has better storage capacity without additions. It has 2 front pockets and a rear rack that comes stock. Both underseat storage compartments will hold a full face helmet and are identical in size.

The Honda has a locking kickstand by use of a lock in the storage compartment. The Yamaha when turning the key to lock, locks the rear wheel in place.

The Honda turn signal switch must be switched off to turn off the signal while the Yamaha is push button off.

The Honda braking system has a left brake which controls equal pressure to both wheels and the right brake is more of an "emergency" brake. The Yamaha is the normal setup.

The Honda has a newer type ignition system that simple just kinda turns over the Motor which is excellent for virtually a silent start. Great for early morning riders that don't want to wake up the whole house. The Yamaha is a traditional starter.

From what I've seen both hold their value pretty well but the Vino Classics seem to bring a higher dollar at sale.

There are a few other subtle differences but not really worth mentioning.


You will want to buy the Yamaha if you:

Live in a cooler climate

Need "Start and Go" type machine

Are facing Steep inclines

Don't mind sacrificing MPG for power

Like more storage without adding anything on

The Vino Classic may cost you a little more but it will be worth it for the reasons above.

You may want to buy the Honda if:

You just want to cruise (it really is quiet and comfortable)

Want exceptional gas mileage ( 130- 150 mpg vs 110 with the Vino)

Don't mind waiting for the extended warmup time

Need a silent start

The area you ride in is warm and flat

Keep in miind that any extra storage besides under the seat will have to be added and Honda add ons are not cheap

On both you should be able to find parts for many years to come

Both are reliable riders that will last for many, many years as long as you keep the ethanol out of them. And they will go for ultra extended periods of time if you use a Synthetic oil in the engine (Mobile 1 Full Synthetic) after 800 miles. If you get one with over 800 miles on it just change out the oil to synthetic, you'll be glad you did in the long run. Also at end of the riding season, if you'll put Seafoam or Stabil in the tank then ride it about 20 miles before you put it away it will keep the carb clean and ready to start for the next season. I would also advise a battery maintainer (not a trickle charger) while in storage. it's about 40 bucks from your local cycle shop but worth it for every scooter or moped.
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re: Honda Metropolitan vs. Yamaha Vino Classic

Postby Ralph C Barger » Sat Mar 05, 2011 7:52 am

Now that is an exellent in depth review. Thanks.
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re: Honda Metropolitan vs. Yamaha Vino Classic

Postby mopedlar » Mon Mar 07, 2011 1:25 pm

I've never owned a Vino, but I do own a Metro and I love it. It's the quietest, smoothest scoot I've ever ridden. I also own two Honda CH80's, a CH125 and a CH250, and the Metro is my favorite.

I hadn't run my Metro since November, and she fired right back to life the other day, after sitting in my unheated garage during this very long and cold NJ winter. It took forever to get my Elites started.

I agree, the Metro II should be avoided due to it's highly restricted jetting setup.
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re: Honda Metropolitan vs. Yamaha Vino Classic

Postby maddog » Thu Mar 10, 2011 1:13 am

I would not own either one of those 4 strokes, the yamaha zuma is still a 2 stroke but it may be history soon.
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re: Honda Metropolitan vs. Yamaha Vino Classic

Postby mountainmoped » Wed Apr 13, 2011 9:40 pm

I got to ride a Honda Metropolitan today. I was surprised at how quiet it was and how smooth the ride was. It5 would be a great scoot to carry on the back of a motorhome.
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