Some advice sought please on 84 Suzuki Roadie 125

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Some advice sought please on 84 Suzuki Roadie 125

Postby crankorange80 » Tue Sep 04, 2012 2:20 pm

Hi. I own a suzuki fz50. I have seen for sale an 84 Suzuki Roadie 125. Im looking for advice before i go have a look at it with a view to buying it. as i said i own a suzuki fz50 and i know quite alot about them. seems to be plenty of parts around for fz50's to keep em going. however i know nothing about suzuki roadies. its and 84 and looks in good condtion from what i have seen from the pics. however you can never tel untill you ride it. what are the key points that i should be looking out for on the bike. where there any faults that these bikes where known for back in the 80's. im just looking for some general advice on these bikes before buying one. are parts hard to come across?

Thanks for replies in advance.
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