good news and bad news

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good news and bad news

Postby Micronaut » Thu Feb 09, 2006 7:21 am

Good news is that a local scooter shop is opening.

Bad news? State says it'll cost them 14k to get a 'dealer plate' and they were planning on selling TANK scooters but not planning to do many repairs.

So, no shop around here.. and you'd need to move serious inventory to make up 14k in dealer insurance. and, good news, I guess... is that no "tanks" will be cluttering up the roads.

I had a feeling it was a hokey deal, the 'tank' hanging from the 'portland scooter' sign was so yucky my wife told me to look around for the box it was shipped in.

I did find a good small engine contact though. When I was told "there's a moped hanging from a sign" I asked some style questions and it was a scooter. Oh well, so I go there hoping to see a little showroom with some derbis and aprillas.. but when I saw that "tank" I knew it wasn't a good scene.

He's trying to ditch the few tanks he got, 4-stroke nasty looking slugs. I told him they were low quality and he's glad he didn't sell a bunch..but I was really happy to think we were getting a kymco or aprilla dealer in p-town
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