Back with an update about the trade-in

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Back with an update about the trade-in

Postby Uncle_robby » Fri Jun 09, 2006 12:14 pm

As you may remember, I traded in my Yamaha Salient for a Yamaha XS400 Special II, and you may also remember the mechanical condition it was in.

Well, my brother cleaned out the carb again, and it turns out he missed a little tiny hole plugged with gunk, and that's the reason one of the cylinders wasn't firing (did I mention it was running on one cylinder?). So we got that cleared up, it ran better and is running normally. We cleaned up the wiring to the battery since it wasn't charging properly, and now it charges. My dad got a hole in the exhaust pipe welded at work, and now it's a little quieter. My brother tightened the chain, and now it's rideable.

I went with my brother to the inspection garage (he got a 12-hour registration permit for the bike), since I'm off school now. It rode like new. The ride was smooth, yet fast, and it shifted pretty smoothly. But it failed inspection. The tires were cracked with age, and the hole in the pipe wasn't welded properly. We will get that fixed by next friday, and stop by the garage to get it inspected again.
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