Is Pagsta gone

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Is Pagsta gone

Postby steamboat » Fri Oct 06, 2006 3:22 pm

FYI Jim ... e=060806-1
THE 250 PAGNINI CHOPPER REVIEW-- I saw the article on the Pag 250 choppers, cool bikes, folks at my bike forum were interested, but I then discovered that the original company went bankrupt, and that the Aussie Pagsta Importer pissed off a few people here. I've emailed Johnny to get his side of the story and to see if the company is now starting out from scratch again.
Here's a link to some of the dissatisfied people at an Aussie bike sales company.

SCOOTOZ apology - RE: THE PAGSTA MOTORCYCLES (also marketed as Regal Raptor)

The motorcycle industry is a strange one, its full of all types, some are real motorcycle enthusiasts, like us, then there are some that we call the "bean-counters", most of those have never ridden a bike.

When Scootoz got the deal with the Metal Mulisha we suddenly got thrust into the publics eyes & minds, it was great, many business houses, dealers and many unscrupulous leeches approached us wanting to get on board with us and fly their flag wanting the association we had with the Mulisha tour, one of these was a bloke named Alan Lazarus, a shrewd businessman of South African desent from Perth WA. Alan jumped on a plane as quick as he could and flew to Sydney to meet with us, armed with a well orchestrated sales pitch and a crooked grin, we fell for it hook line and sinker, hey we're trusting folk and like you we can get conned too. We dragged his Pagstas to every show along with our Tech team that was mechanical support for the Mulisha, set up display areas, polished his Pagstas, got media releases organised for Alan Lazarus in magazines like Cycle Torque & OzBike Magazine, mates of ours that were pleased to do this favour for us, not him, under our recommendations. We bought sold our stock and took some more orders just the other day, he refused to supply us with no explanation. We were stunned, so decided to contact head office in the USA, only to find it closed, after contacting other Pagsta dealers around the USA, we discovered from a Hawaiian dealer that informed us that they had gone BK in the States and the head office ( ) website had disappeared, we contacted Alan by phone about this he threatened us not to mention this till he had gotten rid of all his stock. Well here we are with egg on our faces, as now he had a FREE RIDE of the Scootoz & Mulisha tour back, he has now informed us he has new partners in NSW, obviously now that the Mulisha tour has ended he has milked Scootoz and the tour for all its worth, he has now found richer and greener pastures to leech off, good on you Alan, you have done your country of origin proud, we were warned about your type but we're a trusting & optimistic bunch that will survive due to our loyalty in this industry, we have seen many fly-by-nighters in our years of business, we are trusted and respected in the motorcycle industry, hey Alan, remember all those Media Releases we organised for you ? Well this is our new one ! Remember Alan, "the screwin' ya' give ain't worth the screwin ya get"

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