cheap (nearly free) puch maxi speed tips

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cheap (nearly free) puch maxi speed tips

Postby cyclonekid77 » Sun Jul 13, 2008 11:53 pm

ok, i bought a puch maxi a while back. when i bought it, it went about 25mph and four-stroked alot. ive had speeds up to 40mph and it didnt cost more than a few dollars and some time. i know it did 40 because i rode next to my buddy on his brand new motorcycle and thats what his speedo said. heres what i did.

1. remove head gasket and replace with red rtv silicone gasket maker

2. remove gasket in between the cylinder and crankcase.

3. use stock UNMODIFIED air box

4. i am using the stock jet and the plug burns a nice medium brown.

i know some of you will disagree with removing the gaskets but i have ridden it alot and have expierienced NO leaking. it raises the compression quite a bit. doing the above steps got me to the 32-35 mph range.

5. put a pipe on it. i built my own custom pipe out of the stock pipe and the expansion chamber off of a china pocket bike. it fit perfect and i cand send you pics if you want.

i did all of this with the stock 50cc cylinder and stock carb. i havent had any trouble with it and its alot more enjoyable to ride. my moped has 5700 miles on it so a fresher motor might even go faster. (my top end was rebuilt once 7 years ago from what the previos owner told me)

this is what i did to get mine running good, they are only suggestions so please dont criticise, and it may effect other mopeds differently. thanks
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