New guy here- and new Express owner

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New guy here- and new Express owner

Postby flinttim » Tue Jul 15, 2008 5:22 am

I just last night bought a 1980 Express. Mostly been cleaning up the
thing. Took it for a spin and am impressed by it. This will likely be
for my wife as I have a motorbike already. Lots of questions to come up
I'm sure. Only one right now concerns the starter. When I "ratchet" the
starter arm it does not want to return back up to it's high position. I
use it now by ratcheting it up and down by hand. Not too big a problem
really for me but the Mrs. might not like that. I'm sure there is a
spring on the inside that returns the arm but how big a job is it to
check out the inside ? Can anyone give me a brief synopsis on this ?
ie: where to drain the oil, how to remove the side cover (any tricks)
and how to reinstall and reload with lube ? Weight of lube ?
I found the owner's manual on the Internet but in all honesty it
leaves a lot to be desired. In my experience, hands on trumps the
manual every time.
It's a neat little cycle and I look forward to playing with it. I
suppose now with high gas prices , it's no longer "playing"
but "surviving".
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