a newb's moped riding lesson #1562

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a newb's moped riding lesson #1562

Postby vwmech » Sat Aug 02, 2008 3:57 pm

if your ped has oil injection, and the pump a vent, periodically check to make sure the vent screw is tight.

this tip and repair brought to you in combination by: rough roads, a relative moped idiot (me), and mountain moped, inc.

thanks for the oil pump that came along with the side cover, bryan!

on a more serious note, what brought the loss of said oil pump vent screw to my attention was a little burble as if i was low on gas. i looked down (as i don't have the oil pump cover on my bike) and saw oil streaming from the pump. i immediately shut it down and pulled over. i plugged the hole (creatively) with a piece of hay wrapped in electrical tape, and pushed it home. (luckily i was only a couple of blocks from my apt.) i took the vent screw from a spare pump i have, screwed it back in good-n-tight, started the girl up, and she seems fine. pulls just like she used to. seemingly, this near catastrophe has been averted.

should i check on anything for damage? i don't know how long it was 'starving' for oiling. the engine did not sieze. in fact, aside from the burble (see above), there may have been just a slight change in sound (which could've been in my head, as i only 'heard' it after noticing the oil streaming out of the vent).
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