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JB weld Mirror

Postby jswift » Tue Aug 26, 2008 8:48 pm

Had to do it on my 08 ST after 2K, because the aluminum mount wore out. Funny, 07 had a better way to make sure the mirror didn't move. steel/vs steel. and a bolt that went through the switch and you tightened the whole thing instead of just kinda laying there. I went the lazy way and poured the jb into the mount and mixed. It's working, but I really should have drilled a hole big enough for the nut and jb welded it in place, then screwed the mirror down with jb weld. So...Is an 08 Tomos better than an 07? I dunno, but my 07 mirror is still in place after 9K miles. This is what happens when you outsource from a second world country to a third world country.
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