QT50 Performance Exhausts: Jemco Alternatives?

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QT50 Performance Exhausts: Jemco Alternatives?

Postby TC-ST » Tue Sep 02, 2008 5:00 pm

Hello all:

I have read nearly every thread about the QT50, and the options for a performance exhaust for them. Jemco seems to be the proven winner, but that pipe is out of my price range.

Then there is the occasional unit that pops up on Ebay, but those seem few and far between.

Other than that, there is talk about custom fitting an exhaust made for another bike, such as the 2 piece Biturbo, or a Pocket Bike exhaust.

Now for my questions:

Are there any other alternatives that I may have missed?

Has anyone ACTUALLY seen or done a custom fit of a Biturbo/PB exhaust/Etc, and what were the results? (It seems that these alternatives are suggested, but nobody has actually done it...)

Thanks in advance!

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