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Tomos A-3 Question

Postby Kevin Harrell » Sun Nov 30, 2008 4:19 pm

I have a Bullet with the A-3-N engine, and I know it will take the top end from the A-35 engine. This is a good thing because the Bullet I have is the 20mph version, and with the port timing is used to limit the output of the engine.
I want to sell the old parts, piston, head, cylinder etc. after making the switch and I need to know what parts can be used on the 25mph and 30mph versions of this engine. I have looked at a chart on the Moped Junkyard site and have noticed that each version of the A-3 has a different length of piston. So, I am pretty sure that the 20mph piston I have can only be used to go 20mph without modifying the piston. However, does anybody know if the cylinder is the same in all three versions?

Any information would be welcome.
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