'80 Express carb gasket placement

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'80 Express carb gasket placement

Postby Breaze » Sun Jun 14, 2009 7:54 am

Hi all,
I'm cleaning the carb on a '80 Honda Express II (NA50) and I'm not sure where to use each of the gaskets which came in the kit.

I have 3 small o-ring gaskets which came in the kit - 1 is obviously for the drain screw as shown in the diagrams. No clue on the other 2. Here are the possibilities I have come up with looking at the diagrams:

1) 1 for the throttle screw and 1 for the air mixture screw (although not shown in the diagrams)

2) 1 for the choke valve - diagram might be showing one under the cap

3) diagram indicates a ring or washer in the jet tube - I haven't taken this apart since it seems clean

4) possibly 2 rings on the drain screw - diagram only shows 1

Anyone familiar with this carb and where they go?
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