Vespa Grande Tire tubes

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Vespa Grande Tire tubes

Postby JDN169 » Sun Jun 28, 2009 4:25 pm

I've had terrible tire luck this year. Ever since i bought my moped the front tire had a slow leak. After firing it up for the first time this year i added some air and drove to work. The tire was flat by the time i got off. So i pumped in some fix a flat and all was good.

A couple days ago I got all ready to go to work and lo and behold the rear tire was flat as a pancake. This ones not so easy to fix though, i found a giant staple buried about 3/4" in the tire.

So should i replace the tires and tubes or just the tubes (the tires arent really that bad)?

Also, should a motorcycle shop be able to do the replacement?


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