TORONTO MEET:How it went, whats next and is he ok?

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TORONTO MEET:How it went, whats next and is he ok?

Postby ironfist » Sat Jul 04, 2009 5:42 pm

K, so today was rather under whelming. I think this may have been due to the short notice as well as the lack of input from potential participants. At the next one which, will be in about 3 weeks I will post a preferred day Poll for maximum effect. This should be set within the next few days and you can give your input then!!

As for what happened today, it was just myself until about 3 o’clock and one other guy showed up, by the name of Frank with a nice blue LX. When he first arrived I wanted to show him how my moby, which I had just managed to fix, was running. I began to start it up when the outer half of the clutch falls clean off. Embarrassing, lol. Guess it had been getting loose for awhile. He and I talked peds for awhile as I attempted to repair the moby. Finally it turned out I had every socket but the one I needed to fix the thing and asked this fellow if he wouldn’t mind going buy my apartment (a few blocks away) and getting the needed socket from my GF who was at home.

He and I exchanged numbers and he was on his way. 20 mins later I attempted calling him with no answer a few times. He also did not appear at the apartment when I called my GF, who had been expecting him from an earlier call from me, and had been looking for him. He did mention that he was somewhat unfamiliar with the area and I would just like to make sure this fellow mopeder is alright. If you know him or ARE him please post here or send an email so I know he/you made it home ok. I hope you are alright, man!!

Hope to see more of everyone at the next meet :D
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