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Mopedwarehouse boycott on MA

Postby Pete snow » Thu Aug 20, 2009 11:31 am

For a long time now a lot of us have been aware of some really shady practices going on behind the scenes of a certain moped shop. We have mostly kept it to ourselves, it just wasn’t worth the drama. It’s time to let it all out. It’s recently escalated to a criminal level, people’s personal lives are getting drug into all this bullshit and I am not going to let it slide anymore.

You guessed it. The shadiness is all coming from a certain pair of New Jersey criminals named Rob and Chris Huebner. This retarded duo has a long
history of some seriously fricked up business practices, physical and identity theft, hacking and harassment.

Why am I posting this now you might ask? Well people I have great respect for are trying to rise above, turn the other cheek, be the bigger man, whatever you want to call it and I am sick of watching these two fuckwads drag my friends good names through the mud.

Now bear in mind i have purchased thousands of dollars worth of stuff from moped warehouse over the years. Like most of you I had no idea this kind of stuff was going on. Chris was actually really nice and helpful on the phone when i purchased 5 magnums and had a friend pick them up and ship them to SF. What i am not doing in this thread is bashing their prices or website or shipping. What I am doing is exposing the shop owners for what they are, criminals. Once i found about about even a fraction of this shit I stopped doing business with them and I really hope you do the same.

So let’s start from the beginning and i’ll get to the stuff that put me over the edge. Moped Warehouse opened its doors around the turn of the century. 3 years before that Chris Huebner broke into the storage facility of Steves Mopeds in New Jersey at 2am. He was later caught by the Dumont sheriffs office with a pickup truck full of stolen goods, was charged with GRAND THEFT and had his truck confiscated (which is now a police vehicle). To this day Chris can not sell new mopeds legally because one of the questions on the NJ motor vehicle dealership application is “have you ever been convicted of a crime?” Guess what the answer to that is. The break-in is just the beginning.

Now lets move on to internet fraud. There is a business called “The Sportmans Guide” in St. Paul, Minnesota. Their website is In 2002 they entered an agreement with The Sportsmans Guide to place advertising on their websites,,, and The agreement stated that they would receive a commission on all sales that were directed to the original website Standard business practice right? Wrong. What they did next was register and Now everytime someone typed in the wrong URL or did a google search and visited those sites they would be immediately redirected to the official site and get a commission on ANYTHING THAT PERSON BOUGHT. They weren’t advertising, they were stealing. When The Sportsmans Guide found out about this they had to literally SUE them to get those URLS back. In the mean time they decided to be total dicks and redirect those URLS to a competing product with a similar name. It is ILLEGAL to register a confusingly similar domain name or trademark with out any legitimate interest. That is just totally fricked up. They then tried to sell the domain names back for ridiculous prices and eventually lawyers had to be involved. You can check out the WIPO case here. ... -0153.html

Now you think they would have learned their lesson. Well they did, they learned that they can do whatever they want to other businesses and it would fall on that businesses shoulders to contact WIPO, file a lawsuit and take months and months to win. Most people do not have the time or money to deal with shady fucks like this and usually just buy the domains back at crazy inflated prices to make it all go away. fricked. A few examples of him pulling this kind of shit in OUR COMMUNITY are…

Guess who bought,, and ? DING DING DING the assholes at Moped Warehouse. DO NOT GO TO THOSE LINKS! DO NOT! They are full of porn and popups. Some of them used to take you right to (Totally Illegal btw, that would be like pepsi registering and having it redirect to

Treats = a mopedshop with some of the best prices anywhere on the internet, run by people who have nothing but love for mopeds and the community and literally make pennies on the dollar to get cheap parts out to the masses. What did they do wrong? They “stole” business from mopedwarehouse.

1977mopeds = The largest moped shop in the US with multiple locations, they sponsor and support almost every single rally, bring new parts to america that we would never otherwise see, build the sickest custom bikes you can buy and almost every single person that works there is a member of Moped Army. What did they do wrong? Well they are a competing business that has done nothing but grow exponentially over the last couple years and “steal” business from mopedwarehouse.

StevesMoped = One of the longest standing moped shops in america, they sold moped parts before most of us even knew what a moped was. From my understanding chris actually worked for that shop as a kid and was fired so he decided to just steal all their shit and open up his own shop…....

Dan Kastner = The site you are reading right now, the community you are a part of, the whole underground feel and vibe of moped culture. NONE of this would exist with out this man. He is a humble dude and would never say this out loud so i will do it for him. Mopeds would not be what they are today without him. yes people would be riding them, he didn’t invent the concept but there would be no army, there would be no national brotherhood, this site, all of the resources you use on a daily basis wouldn’t have ever become what they were without Dan’s passion. What did he do wrong? Well he is one of the main administrators for this site obviously. EVERY SINGLE TIME ANYONE says ANYTHING bad about mopedwarehouse, chris emails or calls dan and DEMANDS that the entire thread be taken down immediately or he will sue everyone involved. Now obviously, mopedarmy is not responsible for things that are posted in a public forum but its just not worth the hassle, you can sue anyone over anything you want and that takes money and time that a community powered non profit organization just doesn’t have. Well Dan wasn’t always the fastest when it came to removing these threads and who can blame him. There are tons of threads complaining about every other shop out there including his but those don’t get taken down cause well, thats just lame. People have the right to voice their opinion.

Chris Paz = I am pretty sure you all know this dude. Easily one of the most progressive and creative tuners in the US. He has helped pave the way for TONS of custom parts, processes and has posted all sorts of guides and videos showing how to case match, do case induction, tune clutches, mold carbon fiber etc etc. He was sick of trying to find NOS clutch springs for the 3 shoe e50 clutch. the new ones suck and its very hard to track the old ones down. You know what he did? He went out and found the right length, strength and thickness and had a whole bunch made out of his own pocket and sold them all to us. These springs rock and make a world of difference on a 3 shoe. They organically devloped the name Paz Springs just cause paz is such a sweet name. Do you know what mopedwarehouse did? He fricking knocked them off. Same size, same strength, same shape, same COLOR and to add insult to injury called them Zap springs. are you fricking serious? Paz didnt even do anything to chris. If anything he gave chris more sales of 3 shoes because chris was just selling the springs. Chris doesn’t give one single shit about that though. all he sees is a nice guy that he can take advantage of.

And finally me (Harold Smith) = I have chimed in before with stuff like this in the past. I think it’s pretty obvious i have a lot of love for this site and 1977mopeds. Because of this I am now a target for moped warehouses douchebaggery. Chris or Rob recently created a fake facebook profile of me, friended all the girls in mopedarmy and started sending them disgusting remarks and porn. Seriously? Now its probably only going to get worse from here, especially after i post this thread but frick it, i don’t care, i’m sick of seeing all this shit happen on not speaking up. I am sure we will see a soon full of gay porn and you know why that can happen?

Because chris has the time and money to do this. He has the time and money to do this because some of you buy his products. Please stop. You now have MANY choices when it comes to buying parts. These other companies have the same items, ALMOST ALWAYS at a better price and guess what happens with the money you send them? They use it to grow their business and their community. They don’t use it to fund scams, hacks, pranks, and criminal activities. If you want to see these activities continue by all means buy your shit from a couple of NJ thugs. But if you have any pride or respect for this community please STOP GIVING CRIMINALS YOUR MONEY

And lastly, if you don’t care about me, care about yourself. Did you know that uses one of the ONLY e-commerce platforms on the market that ALLOWS THE ADMIN TO VIEW YOUR PERSONAL AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION ? Did you know that chris has used this to hack, and various other sites? He has used this to gain access into private forums, delete accounts and information and generally just stir a whole bunch of shit up? Yeah that could be you. He may not have done it yet but why would you let that kind of power into the hands of someone who has proven himself to be nothing but a shady, slimy criminal? To buy a polini kit? dudes, there are 20 other places you can get those from.

Seriously, frick this guy. I am putting myself out there as a martyr on this. i know some of you really like chris and will not like me for posting this. I am sorry if it effects the way you think about me. I know that i am going to become the next major target for all of chris’s fricked up operations but so be it. Someone has to do it. Yeah we could try to sue him, we would probably win, then he would just do it again or do something else. All i can hope to do is take away his sales so he has less time and money to spend ruining other peoples lives.

so, for the love of god, for my sake, for this sites sake and for YOUR SAKE. DO NOT PURCHASE PRODUCTS FROM MOPEDWAREHOUSE.COM oh excuse me i mean he recently changed his site because of all the bad press associated with that name
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