Where can I find a new rim and chain?

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Where can I find a new rim and chain?

Postby myothersn » Mon Mar 22, 2010 1:45 pm

I hit a nasty pot hole last summer that bent my rear rim pretty good. It still managed to hold air, but when I took it out of storage this spring the tire was completely flat. I patched a small hole in the tube and things seemed fine for a while. Well just yesterday I heard what sounded like my tire was rubbing against the fender and I noticed the tire had come off the rim in one place. I let out the air in the tube so it wouldn't explode and pushed the moped a couple miles home. On the way home the chain managed to get hooked up on something and one of the links broke off.

So I'm now looking for a replacement chain and rim. I'm not sure where to look for a new chain and I've had a really hard time finding a rear rim that my hub would swap into. Me and my moped seem to have a love/hate relationship :(

by the way, it's a 1980ish Columbia commuter.
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