TO moped newsletter #0005

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TO moped newsletter #0005

Postby ironfist » Sat Apr 03, 2010 2:03 pm

For those that haven’t recieved a copy, please check your junk folder and mark it as Not junk. If this is not where it has ended up, please read the following copy of the letter:

Included this issue: Current mailing list, Meet locations and times, Loaner request

Go day everyone! Looks like this season is shaping up to be prime moped riding weather so get your machines tuned up!!

In the near future I may have a few mopeds and/or moped parts to sell or trade, will keep all informed. I will keep everyone posted. In the mean time there are also still a few other riders selling bikes. There are a couple motobecanes, a vespa and a bingo. If you have any interest please let me know!

So far the concensus is we will meet the first weekend in May, Thats May 1st and 2nd, starting at the meet at 11:00am each day and, so we have time to do trades or sales, starting the ride about 2:30 or 3:30 and riding until whenever! Please mark it on your calenders!!

For the ride it looks like I will need a loaner if anyone attending is willing. I have my own helmet and licence, just need a machine to ride as mine is still a work in progress. I have no issue buying gas and 2 stroke oil! If you will be attending and have a plated loaner I can use please let me know!!

Currently those in favour of meeting at Ashbridges Bay Park are in the lead so it looks like thats where we will be meeting On the saturday and we can meet at Davisville Park on the sunday!!

If you have any input feel free to write me!!

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