'77 and earlier Motobecane Owners...Read this....

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'77 and earlier Motobecane Owners...Read this....

Postby Guest » Tue Aug 10, 2004 5:51 pm

A Service Bulletin was issued by Motobecane in late 1977 in regards to bad timing cams. Evidently, the rotor nut was not torqued down properly on '77 and earlier Motobecanes with timing cams with the numbers 17 or 36 stamped on them. I just tore down a '76 Moby engine and I can attest that this Service Bulletin was correct. This bike had an erratic spark and the cause was clearly a chewed up timing cam and scored flywheel magnets. The crank even had a small gouge in it. Evidently, the improper torque of the rotor nut caused the cam to slip on the crank which in turn caused damage to the surface of the timing cam and the flywheel magnets. Again, it only affects timing cams with the numbers 17 and 36.

If you have a poorly running and/or idling '77 or '76 Moby, this could very well be the cause of the problem. Check your timing cams!!!

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