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Gas Bike update update

Postby caddy » Thu Jun 16, 2011 12:54 pm

Hello All:
As you know, I am not a fan of Gasbike. BUT, I do believe that it is not only fair but important to give credit when credit is due.
With this in mind, I received a call this morning (finally) from Gas Bike regarding the defective chain. They have agreed to send another.
Some thoughts:
I do not know the motivation for finally responding but I suspect it was a result of my refusal to be ignored coupled with a complaint to the local BBB as well as my activities on this forum.
I wish I could say that "all is well", but I cannot.
While they did finally respond, the fact remains from their previous documented record that they are AT BEST, slow and more likely to ignore you if allowed to do so.
I feel this attitude to be counterproductive at best.
They need the sales to survive and we want to have a reliable source of products.
If they could do better with their customer support we all win. Dumping sub par things on the customers who use them and then ignoring the customer does not serve them well if they expect to be around for any length of time.
In my case, the problem was a defective part. Chinese products have long been suspect in the manufacturing quality. My suggestion the Gas Bike would be to INSIST on better quality control from their Chinese suppliers. Perhaps easier said than done, but anyone who buys large quanities of product is in a position to demand a certain level of quality in the product.
Well, enough. I still think that if you do business with them or anyone else for that matter use a credit card that allows some recourse.
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