Rebuild Tutorial? -> '70s Motobecane 50v

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Rebuild Tutorial? -> '70s Motobecane 50v

Postby bmroyer » Wed Mar 07, 2012 4:00 am

I want to do a top rebuild on my 70s Motobecane that I bought last year. The thing doesn't have the power it should, and I messed with 2 different carbs over the past year, changing spark plugs, trying different fuel mixtures, and running without the exhaust. I might have improve it a little, but its still lagging.

So far I have the top off and can see the top of the piston. The piston is all black and looks like it has black flakes on the top. When I look on the inside of the engine, the piston looks clean and shiny. I'm looking to replace the rings, and maybe even the piston just to scratch them off the list. I was wondering how to get the piston out without loosing any bearings, as my dad told me that it would be a pain. I've never rebuild an engine, but I've tore many apart on mowers and such. Just looking to rebuild this so my moped has no excuse but to run good.
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re: Rebuild Tutorial? -> '70s Motobecane 50v

Postby mountainmoped » Wed Mar 07, 2012 10:27 am

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