Need technical help very bad, Honda vision ne50 problems

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Need technical help very bad, Honda vision ne50 problems

Postby lamnea » Sun Jun 03, 2012 10:50 am

Thank you for clicking this thread!

I am in need of urgent technical help for my daily commuter to work my honda vision ne50mff moped.

The bike starts no problems and is running fine at high revs. When i start off the bike will take of but then lose all power for 2 seconds or so then pick back up and continue. All the revs just suddenly drop out.

Another interesting point is that when stopped sitting on the bike with either brake held at a certain point so that they are not on very much the engine changes sound and starts to struggle, and it will not rev at all other points in braking it is fine.

I need this bike to get everywhere! without it i am stuck. Help?
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