Cleaning carb on 1982 FA AND FZ 50 mopeds

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Cleaning carb on 1982 FA AND FZ 50 mopeds

Postby JOSH82FZ » Sat Feb 08, 2014 6:21 pm

Hello all,
New to the forum but I just picked up a pair of 1982 Suzuki Fa and Fz mopeds! I'm excited to fix em' up for camping and what not. The Fa run when I purchased them. The FZ i was told needed a kick start spring. Upon further review the engage spring was out of it's pocket and needed to be reseated. I do have a few questions though on some other things.
1. The carbs have more than likely been sitting and would like some info on a proper clean.
2. I need a little clarification on the rear brake cable tying into the KICK START and then the Brake itself? Should these two things be some what of an equal Adjustment?
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