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Good Deal

Postby benny » Tue Oct 19, 2004 8:23 am

Author: BZollo (
Verified User: bzofcosmoparts
Date Posted: 10-18-04 16:05

Ok, so the management staff here at Cosmo is losing their collective mind, they want me to make the TFR owners here an offer that is absolutely insane. We’re looking for Kinetic Moped owners, TFR, TFR USA, Kinetic Magnum, Super Luna etc etc etc… Just Mopeds not the Milano, Not the Pride…get the hint yet ?? LOL

What’s the contest you ask…well here it is.

We are looking for some Mugs of Owners with their Kinetic Moped for our web page, but there’s a hitch, you need to provide me/us with a small paragraph 200 words or more of why you love your Kinetic…Whats in it for you? Well here’s the dealio for everyone that submits a letter and picture (must be of you AND your Kinetic Moped together) we are extending an offer that is basically sickening. Once your letter is received and we can verify that you are human, or at least a bi-ped, we will make you available to purchase a brand new fresh TFR USA for…now sit down here… *$399.00* shipping included, *$399.00* thats $400.00 below regular retail cost, so you can buy for one of the parental units, or your Best Friend, or even just to show off that you pretty much swiped this puppy from us at damn near our cost…I know, Im crazy, but hey I work at Cosmo its a prerequisite… Oh and I forgot the second half of the contest… If you send us a picture of your Speedo… we are giving away, GIVING AWAY a Brand New TFR USA to the owner of the Kinetic Moped with the most mileage.

for those of us that hate reading mile long posts, here’s the short version.

Send us a Letter 200 words or more of why you love your Kinetic MOPED, with a picture of you and the bike TOGETHER we will extend a limited time price offer of $399.00 shipping included…
The second half of the contest, with the above, also send us a picture of your Speedo with the mileage and we will be giving away a FREE TFR USA to the person who’s Kinetic Moped has the most miles on it.

Prize Break down;

1st place winner of Mileage contest gets a FREE TFR USA

2nd place Winner gets a Free TFR or TFR USA Clutch Complete Assembly

3rd Place winner gets a set of Canvas Saddle Bags

Now the disclaimer mumbo jumbo: by submitting your entry you are allowing Cosmopolitan Motor Inc to use your picture/entry for promotional purposes. All pictures and letters become property of Cosmopolitan Motors Inc and can not be returned. This offer is only extended Kineitc Moped owners, contest is not extended to Cosmopolitan Motors Employees or their families. Contest price of $399.00 is good only for 1 TFR USA. Colors are limited to Red or Blue, any extra color wanted will be at the cost of the custom painting. Please goto ... oduct=4085 to see colors available

IMPORTANT !!!!! contest and prices are good until 12/31/04 all entries must be received NO LATER then 12/15/04 so hurry up and get to writing!!!

Send Entries to:
C/O Cosmopolitan Motors Inc.
301 Jacksonville Rd
Hatboro Pa. 19040

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Author: BZollo (
Verified User: bzofcosmoparts
Date Posted: 10-18-04 16:13

I was so excited about writing that I forgot to add, we will need you information, like Name, Address, Telephone Number, Shoe Size, Hat Size, etc etc etc… Seriously, Name Address and Ph# will suffice
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