looking for a few good inter-state riders

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looking for a few good inter-state riders

Postby bryanofmyrons » Sat Mar 05, 2005 1:59 am

I'm planning a ride, leaving in mid-May (approx.) Planning on taking a month, leaving from southern California, riding through Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and southwestern Missouri. I have a good route mapped out and have located gas stations to allow for good fuel tank/gas can timing as well as snacks and bathroom stuff. I am thinking gas/oil and food should probably be everyone's responsibility and splitting room costs. I am riding a Tomos Sprint with Biturbo so comparably equipped/speed bikes are welcome. 100% legal riders are welcome (i.e; license title, insurance) as to avoid any unpleasant run-ins with the law. The mid-may leave time may vary, depending on what all happens.
If you want in or want to know more, E-mail mopedrescue@aol.com

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