Finally got my 2nd gear clutch after 1 year

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Finally got my 2nd gear clutch after 1 year

Postby Perry Manessis » Fri Apr 21, 2006 9:38 am

Yeah, after calling J&J for a exactly a year and being told that the shipment from India was delayed, it was lost and reordered, etc. I finally was able to get a NOS Garelli one from Chris @ MWH. I was kind of lucky he had it, since they are very hard to come by. I really didn't want to bother Chris about it since he doesn't have many parts for the Garelli VIP, but it got to the point were the bike would shift into second but the clutch wouldn't grab. Seems kind of ironic that I put the last set that J&J had on Paul's Stinger. At least Paul got to ride it for a month before all hell broke loose. He was having a lot of fun with that bike, traveling 60 miles a day to his job at his brother's shop.

Now for the kicker, after removing the rubber grommets from the starter disk countless times, they finally got chewed up so bad that I can't reuse them. So now I zip tied the starter disk to the starter plate (look at page 70 of the Garelli manual part #8 & 11) temporarily until I can find replacements. Funny thing is I called Chris @ MWH and he told me he does the same thing. If anyone has 4 or even 2 rubber grommets for the Garelli VIP motor, I would be very grateful.
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