1978 PA50II question

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1978 PA50II question

Postby rums420 » Tue Apr 25, 2006 7:07 am

Hello all,
I am a new moped owner and this website is great! I got this 78 PA50II and the dude I bought it from says he cleaned out the carb and that the gas tank is good to go, so I was riding it for about a week or two and it was running great and then one day I was cruising and it died out. I peddled it back home and got it started it again and ran it for 10 mins and it died out again and would only start with the the choke on and would die out when i gave it gas to shut the choke off. Is it a bad fuel mixture? Or should I check the air filter, where is the air filter? I have checked the exhaust. Could it be a bad spark plug already cause I he put a new one in when I got it. Thanks for the help and the great website.

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