the Trac's running great!

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the Trac's running great!

Postby Prancer » Mon May 15, 2006 9:25 am

Other than certain cosmetic problems, the Trac's running great. I'm almost tempted to race it. I've had enough problems with my other racer though, so this bike will be strictly for every day riding. Smitty was griping at me for riding without an exhaust, but it's my only 'road-worthy' vehicle at the moment. Other than the lack of low end power, it runs amazingly. I estimated a top speed of about 25 or 30. I need to fix the spedo before I can get an accurate reading, but it really gets goin'. Considering the only new part is the carb. and it's an '87, and all I did was put it together without examining the cylinder or anything, it runs perfectly. If anyone comes across a Trac for sale, I highly recommend them. They're a lot of fun, and with a low seat, they have a natural chopper look and feel. Rock on!
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