Dismantle the carborator on a Suzuki FZ50

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Dismantle the carborator on a Suzuki FZ50

Postby svinepels » Mon May 15, 2006 5:31 pm

Well, then i had the fz up and running, though it kinda stops sometimes. I have adjusted the screws on the carborator so that it runs smoothly, but still it tends to stop after a few minutes if i don't give it som gas. Unfortunately it tends to stop if i give it too much gas to.

What could be the problem??

A friend of mine thinks that the carborator might be pretty clogged up, and he advise to remove it and clean it. There is just one small problem, and that is that i don't know how to remove it. If anyone around here could help me out with this small problem, i would be vere grateful.
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