Kalamazoo Michigan BBQ ride?

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Kalamazoo Michigan BBQ ride?

Postby arthurx » Thu May 25, 2006 2:03 pm

Anyone here going to the 12th Annual Kalamazoo, MI BBQ?

I decided to go and check out the craziness and mayhem; already have a motel booked with tow double beds. If anyone needs a place to S4: (shit-shower-shave-sleep) let me know or find me on my moped.
It will be a black Tomos with blue rims.
I have been working on painting my moped rims Blue for the past week.

Learned a lot about painting by messing my rims up.
They don't look that good but I at least got the job done.
I knew not to paint outside so I decided to tape plastic up in my bathroom and paint in there. Well, that made a mess and the blue paint managed to escape from the plastic enclosure and get on the walls, floor, and ceiling; luckily I don't have a wife or she would have kicked my butt.
So then I decide to paint the rims outside in a box. It started off ok, but then the dried paint from the top and sides of the box would fall back onto the fresh coat of paint. I didn't notice this at first. But then I could see and feel how rough the rim was. Now I just have to put on some clear coat and call it quits. Another rain storm coming in. I better get outside and get this done.

I hope you all have a nice Memorial Day weekend.

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