Two 'peds left the shop...

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Two 'peds left the shop...

Postby Smitty » Thu Jun 22, 2006 6:22 am

Michael Z came down and picked up their Vespa Grande (70cc Malossi) and Mel's Bullet TT A3 Stock-Modified Racer. He test rode both of them and was impressed and pleased ;^)
He also took the One Trick Pony for a test spin, and of course liked it too. Michael's so big, that he really looked out of place on the little tiny Maxi N.
He said Mel's really excited about getting back to racing.
They plan to get some radar readings of the 'peds when they get them home.

I'm going to miss those 'peds ... they've been in my shop for so long now, they just looked like they belonged, LOL! At least now everyone that comes to my shop won't be trying to buy them from me, lol! Mel's Bullet TT always drew everyone's attention, and of course that's the one everyone wanted.
Enjoy those 'peds Michael & Mel' ... we hope to see you guys July 9th !!!
Thanks again!!!
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