197? Cady Carb Issues

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197? Cady Carb Issues

Postby Steve4040 » Sun Aug 06, 2006 8:31 pm

Im trying to fix a 197? Motobecane Cady, and I've already established spark and I think it has good compression. I have determined that fuel flow to the engine is not occuring and I've decided to try and fix the carb. Im not too experienced and think I may invest in a completely new carb. Possibly and aftermarket one, or maybe the stock Gurtner carb. Is it possible to put on an aftermarket carb such as a Dellorto, because I heard the Gurtners are garbage. The one thats on now is an AR10 and theres one on ebay that looks like it would fit and says it fits that model. Would a performance aftermarket one enhance speed/performance, or does the jetting and everything have to be specific to the motor. Thanks.
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