Fill your gas tanks up NOW!!

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Fill your gas tanks up NOW!!

Postby arthurx » Mon Aug 07, 2006 3:17 pm

Alaskan pipe line leaking; 8% reduction in oil.
Crude oil just went to 77 per barrel; up $2.22 in one day!
That is the largest one day move ever I believe.
Using Fibonacci retracements/projections and market geometry I calculated
crude oil to go to 87.80 - 88.00 per barrel.
I have been talking about this for several years now.
The P&F charts show crude oil going to 100 per barrel.
Gas up to $3.82 approximately I have calculated.
Four years ago I calculated the Dow Jones to hit its high between May 2006-July 2006.
The Dow hit its high on May 10th 2006.
I could have calculated the exact date if I remembered trigonometry better.
I used the Pythagorean Theorem along with logarithmic spirals to calculate this date.
I love statistics, math and science. I almost went for a masters in statistics.
Well, enough chit-chat >> time to fill up ALL my gas tanks!!
And time to buy a locking gas cap for my truck.
I already heard people talking about siphoning gas!! LOL
This is going to be like the 1970's again. When I was about 8 years old I remember people
siphoning gas from other peoples vehicles and in the Cheech & Chong movie "Up in Smoke"
it starts out showing those two guys carrying a large trash can filled with gas with trash floating on the top.
lol << you guys remember that?
Ok, bye bye and get your tanks filled up NOW!!
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