update on my kinetic

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update on my kinetic

Postby babetta80 » Thu Nov 23, 2006 9:29 pm

well, i finally got the inner clutch off my kinetic. i took the nut off and pedaled it for five minutes, and it popped off. i think i figured out why it was not running correctly, the woodruff key has stripped off completely, so that when the nuts are tightened up the flywheel spins correctly, but when i loosen it up, i can spin it all the way without it catching. i have a couple questions now, though...

is the hole in the center of the plate that covers the inside clutch (with the four prongs on it) supposed to be round, or have an indent? it looks like it originally was built up with weld in there, also there is a flat spot on the crankshaft that looks like its supposed to keep the plate from touching the clutch. also, are the little plastic nibs with the springs on the ends of the clutch necessary, or just to keep it quiet?


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