Many thanks and Double them!!

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Many thanks and Double them!!

Postby Nightflight49 » Sat Jun 16, 2007 10:29 pm

Thank you Brian and Jeanie for such a great ride and a good time!!! Lets do this again next year!!! Everyone that did not make it, you have got to come next year.

Thank you Brian and Smitty for getting that unkitted tomos able to climb those hills on the road to Nowhere.

Thank you Mrs. Smitty, Laura P.,Jeanie and Brian for a great cook out today. Mrs Smitty grills up a mean hotdog.

Thank you Moe and the crew at the Kickstand Lodge for a great lunch and putting up with me hanging aroud while the others were out slaying the dragon.

Gomeze, I Hope you feel better.

PeHusky, Nathan, Dennis, Arthurx Happy to have met you guys and hope to see you guys again during the Granger Co. Ride.
Tab, Jeff, Chris, John, Rita, Ike, Patric, Gomez glad to see you guys again.

*G* unfortunately I still have that chunk of ugly kinlin wood. Next time I hope it finds a new home!
peddle faster boys,
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