Kinetic / Ciao clutch compatability?

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Kinetic / Ciao clutch compatability?

Postby nimbuskid » Sun Aug 19, 2007 8:54 pm

So recently I put a Ciao clutch on my Kinetic.

Has anyone ever tried this?

Everytime I come to a complete stop, the ped stalls out.
I ran it on the stand, and when I applied the rear brake, the ped stalls out.

It's not the tail light, and I think one of the springs might be a little over stretched, but it is not broken or anything.

I did have to used 2 woodruff keys on the crankshaft to get the Ciao clutch to fit on the Kinetic.

Anyone have any advice? Should I just forget the whole thing and buy a new Kinetic clutch for $90 or does anyone know where I can get a used one?

I need to get this ped running so I can sell it.

thanks for any feedback
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