Garelli Electrical Snafu Fixed (sorta)

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Garelli Electrical Snafu Fixed (sorta)

Postby Guest » Mon Jun 14, 2004 12:46 pm

Rather than farting around all day troubleshooting the electrical problem on my '77 Garelli SSXL, I installed the motor on my third SSXL (the one I partially parted out for my other blue SSXL). Now I've got all kinds of spark. The only difference that I noted between the two bikes' electrical systems was that the later model harness (the blue bike) had a second ground wire coming off the harness which also gets mounted to the coil mounting bolt. Could this have been the problem all along?

Anyway, now I'll have a true black and blue Garelli SSXL hybrid. The SSXL that I aborted would have been black with a blue gas tank. The new black/blue paint scheme actually looks kinda cool.

I'll post a pic tonight when it's done.

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