NJ MRA Ride...Last Minute Directions/Details

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NJ MRA Ride...Last Minute Directions/Details

Postby Guest » Wed Jun 23, 2004 3:26 am

1. Directions to Ride: 442 Penwell Rd, Port Murray, NJ 07865. Use Mapquest to get directions from your house by plugging in this address as the "Destination" address.

2. Event Start Time:The official ride starts around 11:30AM, Saturday, June 26th, however, there will be an informal 10 mile tune-up ride on Friday evening, June 25th. There will also be a BBQ on Friday night for early arrivals.

3. Accomodations: Motel accomodations are available at the "Mansfield Motel" on Rt.57 in Mansfield, NJ (about 2 miles from my house), or you are welcome to camp out in my backyard. Bathroom and shower facilities are available at my house for campers.

4. Other Activities/Establishments in the Area: Swimming, fishing and Tubing are allowed in the Muskenetcong River, which is within walking distance of my house. There is also a State Park across the street from my house for hikers and mountain bikers. There is a Walmart within 6 miles of my house for last minute necessities.

5. Meals: There will be a free BBQ on Friday and Saturday nights. You will be responsible for all other meals. There are numerous fast food restaurants and diners within 5 miles of my home. There are also several supermarkets within 5 miles of my home.

6. You and Your Moped: Please make sure that your moped is in good, safe, running condition and that it is *properly registered (tagged) and insured in your state of residence*. Also, please make sure that you have a valid moped or drivers license in your state of residence. You must wear a DOT approved motorcycle helmet while riding in NJ or you will not be allowed to participate in the ride (bicycle helmets are not allowed). That is NJ State Law.

7. Moped Selloff: 25 of my mopeds will be sold starting at noon on Friday, June 25th. A maximum purchase number of 2 mopeds per person will be allowed on Friday. There is no purchase limitation beginning Saturday morning.

8. Contact Info: If you would like to have my contact number, please email me directly at mopedlar@earthlink.net and I will provide you with my cell phone number.

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone on Friday and Saturday. If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly.


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